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Client Request

  • Billing Services
  • Insurances Payment Contract Negotiations
  • 24/7 patient scheduling
  • Patient Eligibility Check
  • Messages services (out of business hours)·
  • Credentialing·

Data Entry (optional)

  • Demographic Entry
  • EMR Data Entry
  • Daily Stock Entry (Medicines)
  • Practice Expenses Entry
  • 24hr access to your practice data

Research (optional)

  • Current legal requirements
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly AR analysis
  • Claims aging Analysis
  • Contract review and Pricing Analysis
  • Denial analysis
  • Paid and Un- Paid Claims Anaysis

Billing Coding

  • Current CPT and ICD coding
  • Super Bill Preparation
  • C4 (WC) and NF3 (NF) Form preparation

Charge Entry

Claim Scrubbing (10 million current Medicare and Medicaid edits)

Claim Submission

  • Electronic Submission With in 24hrs
  • Instant acceptance reports review
  • Elec submission to (Medicare, Medicaid and all commercial plans)
  • Secondary and Tertiary Claims submission
  • WC & NF paper claim filing

Patient Statements

  • Patient paper statements
  • Patient Follow Up Un-paid (CO-Insurance deductible etc)
  • Follow Up Letters, Emails and Calls
  • Transfer to Collection Agency (On Request)

Payment Posting

  • Electronic payment Posting (ERA Set-up)
  • Paper EOB posting
  • Patient Payment posting (Copay, Co-Insurance, Deductible)

Denial Management

  • Instant Denial Management
  • Fixing all rejected claims and re-submission
  • Un Paid Claims follow up (3 Week cycle for Electronic claims and 6 Weeks for Paper Claims)
  • Rejected Claims calls
  • Follow up against partial payment or Low payment against services
  • Appeals against no Payment Or partial payment
  • Record all correspondence in patient account
  • WC and NF Follow UP


  • Weekly and Monthly AR Reports
  • Denial Reports
  • Total collection Report
  • Any customised reports request