Q. Is it smart to let my billing go out to another company?
Industry experts agree that it can be extremely good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing quality medical care, and intelligently "outsource" your ancillary functions, like billing.

Q. How do you charge for medical billing services?

A. Our fees are based on a percentage of payments collected, and are all-inclusive — there are no hidden charges.

Q. Can you really save us money?
A. We've been able to increase collections for most practices from 10% to 20%. This will more than cover the entire cost of our services, as well as save you money on your other billing-related expenses (such as employee salaries and telephone bills). The bottom line is that you will avoid the hassle of billing and have more money available in the bank.

Q. Are you HIPAA-compliant?
A. Yes, Cube Medical Billing is fully compliant with HIPAA requirements and standards.

Q. How will I know if you are doing a good job?
We speak with the physicians and selected staff monthly to review the monthly reports, which provide an excellent picture of the practice's billings and collections. The reports include an aged accounts receivable summary, detailed practice productivity and insurance statistics. Custom reports are available for those practices that require them.

Q. Where do the checks go?
A. Payments are always sent directly to your practice or to a designated lock box account. All we need is a copy (or original, if you prefer) of the EOB to properly credit the account.

Q. What kind of information do you need from my practice?

For billing: 
You would send us patient demographics and Insurance information. This is required only for new patients, and patients who have had a change in their demographic or insurance information. 
For Office patients, this information would be on your patient registration form. For Hospital    patients, this information would be on the Hospital Face Sheet. 
For patients seen in the office, you would send us your Encounter sheets. 
For patients seen in the hospital, most doctors just write the procedures and diagnosis on the    hospital face sheet, or send us a weekly or daily log of the patients seen..

For Posting Payments: 
You would send us your EOBs, and stubs from the patient bills. Co-payments will be posted from the information contained on the Encounter sheets.

Q. I would like to be able to access my practice data online. Can I have secure access to the data?
A. Yes — and that's not all. Our system allows you to look up information and even run reports and patient ledgers.

Q. Who does the patient call with a billing question?
A. A dedicated Cube Medical Billing associate will directly handle all billing questions.

Q. How do we make sure managed-care plans pay us according to the contracted rates?
A. This question is a critical part of any Accounts Receivable follow-up, and we understand why you're concerned about constant underpayments or payments at non-contracted rates affecting your patients' balances and your revenues.
To address it, CMB requests copies of your practice's contract and related fee schedules when we're setting up your account, and we update our system's profiles for each of those contracts. Then, at time of payment posting, we monitor expected reimbursement and appeal any underpayments and/or denials. When necessary, we directly contact your managed-care representative to resolve any problems. We also keep you aware of these problems and their resolution every step of the way.

Q. What kind of reports will I get?
A. There are a variety of reports available.
  * The standard report package includes comprehensive monthly closing reports that confirm productivity such as the amount of charges, insurance payments, patient payments, and aged receivables.
  * Practice-specific reports are usually available on request, as well, and can greatly enhance your ability to make fiscally responsible business decisions.

Q. Can data from my existing software be transferred and used?
This depends on how your existing software handles data exports. If your software can export all its data to an electronic format, we may be able to convert it into our formats at a small additional cost to you. If this cannot happen, but your existing software can print reports of patient demographics and Receivables, we can manually enter it into our database. Please call us to discuss your particular situation.

Q. Do I have control of my data?
Yes, you have access to all your data at our web site, but you have limited capabilities to make changes. The data is not physically located in your office.

Q. CPT/ICD9 codes, regulations change constantly, does your software keep abreast of these changes?
Yes. We keep track of all changes to Codes and regulations and update the software. Whenever changes are made, you will automatically receive a software update.

Q. What happens if my staff goes on vacation or quits?
You will have very little to worry about! As long as you can scan and send us your documents, or mail your work to us or have us pick it up from you, your work will get done.

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