Quality Assurance & Compliance

Quality of service is as important as the service itself. At CMB, we strive to make sure that we achieve the highest level of quality in the ways we serve our clients.

Following are the dimensions of our service which have given us numerous satisfied clients over the years.

There is no substitute for experience. If the exposure has been long enough, and wide ranging, then such an experience would definitely go a long way in assuring superior quality solutions. Our team has over the years gained this extensive experience. This history of exposure ensure that each step of your medical billing process right from documentations review to coding, and from claims processing to follow up is managed in the most efficient manner.

Learning through our experience and exposure has helped us plan a methodology, that guides us to achieving almost 100% accuracy in every stage of the medical billing process. To know more click here.

Right Person for the Right Account
We assign staff to a particular account based on the account type and the staff's expertise. This helps us attain subject matter experts who could prove to be very beneficial in helping our clients achieve the maximum possible efficiency. Moreover, we do not over burden our staff for savings. Work is delegated in a manner that rhymes with maximum throughput of the person assigned.

Continuous Learning & Training
Learning never ends. Our personnel are required to engage in activities, in a continued fashion, that enhances their skills and knowledge level in the field of medical billing. Our staff attends meeting and seminars arranged by health care professionals on a regular basis to stay current on all and any challenges in the medical field. The have access to a huge database of information helping them to clearly understand the entire medical billing process.

We have put together a systematic reporting procedure to avoid probabilities of communication lapses and to have greater control on performance of personnel.

We understand the importance of regular assessments for improved productivity. Timely feedbacks after each project and monthly assessments are conducted to improve teams' capacities.

Security Measures in Practice

  • Confidentiality of billing data
  • Restricted employee access to files and folders
  • Patient Data Privacy
  • Secure FTP Servers
  • Employee Background checks and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Systematic data back up of all patient visits
  • Detailed internal data and communication back up

Compliance Aspects in Action

HIPPA Compliance
  • Data Encryption
  • Physical Security
  • User Authentication Security
  • Internal Audit
  • Personnel Policies
  • Contingency Plans
Other Compliance Aspects
  • Staff well trained in regulations related to Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, third party liability, workers compensation, Preferred Provider organizations, indemnity insurers
  • Proficient in medical claims standards such as CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9
  • Proficiencies in Medical Coding - Level I, II, III