Accounts Receivable Recovery:

Unresolved accounts receivables are a major issue for many of the medical practices. These problematic accounts are accumulated by practices either by lack of proper follow up by the previous vendor or sometimes they acquire these Account Receivables from another medical billing company. At CMB, we leave no stone unturned in making sure that we can minimize the write-offs.

For any unresolved ARs, we analyze the various medical accounts receivables reports provided by the client and determine strategies to work on the Accounts Receivables. The strategies are developed such that we reduce the bad debts and maximize medical billing collections.

Any accounts that are not collected within the first 90 days, are prone to be written off. There can be as little as a 25% chance of receiving payment from an insurance company when A/R has been out due for more then a quarter. There are many variables to take into consideration in these scenarios. Medical practices do not generally have the necessary time to make sure this money is collected and far too often these balances are written off as uncollectible. CMB has developed different programs and mechanisms for handling these situations. CMB has a great track record of taking over these balances and working them through to payment. Physicians work too hard to not be paid for services they provide, and CMB can help practices recover that deserved money.

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