About Us

Cube Medical Solutions (CMS), is a privately held, one of the fastest growing medical billing company in the United States. Our methodology is about working smart, not hard. Our mission is to help your practice thrive. Our top priority is to let you concentrate on medicine, instead of worrying about insurance companies.

Our commitment is to provide you with an educated, responsible and caring group of professionals who truly want to help your practice grow. We offer fully integrated, end to end service which simplifies every step of practice management process, from initial scheduling of patient appointment, patient insurance verification, to the complex and tedious billing and account receivable tasks that follow patients visits. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your earnings, minimize your expenses and help increase earning potential of your practice. We achieve this goal by eliminating insurance companies attempt to maximize their profits, by delaying, underpaying, or denying claims which are submitted by provider. Our highly trained and experienced staff submits claims without errors to get remittance faster, consistent and with full payment potential.

Client Testimonials

"I have worked with Cube Medical Billing for a number of years. After starting with them, I immediately noticed that  my patient balances started to clear up. Saleem, my personal account manager at CMB, is always responsive and on top of my accounts. Given all of the rules and regulations that change on a regular basis in the billing arena, having CMB represent me and my patients is a necessity and a pleasure. They have literally taken away all the administrative headaches, and I always have the peace of mind to be able to concentrate on my patients for the best care possible. CMB has been "Tending to my success", and I am grateful to them."

Dr. Majid M. Taj
Choice Urgent Care, Michigan